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Hostel path to Achininver beach loop - Approx 1 hour

Leave the car at Achininver hostel car park and follow the path towards the sea, leading to Achininver beach. Walk along the shore towards the other end of the beach to the rocky bank. Climb the steps and follow the path up to a gravel track. Turn right along the track until you reach the road, turn left and follow the road back to the car park. 

hostel path (2).png

Fox point loop - Approx 2 hours

A lovely walk that follows the coastline around from Old Dornie where you can leave the car, towards Dornie, just below Polbain and along the road looping back to Old Dornie. Can be boggy in places so wellies/waterproof hiking shoes are recommended. On this route you will see the old salmon bothy at Fox point, the filming location for scenes from the 2011 movie ‘The Eagle’ and Old Dornie the harbour.

fox point (2).png

Around Loch Oscaig - Approx 2/3 hours

Loch Oscaig is the first Loch you see on the right hand side of the road as you leave the village on the single track road. Leave the car towards the beginning or the end of the loch, head down to the water and follow around. Depending on where you start, you will need to cross the shallow river at the start or end of the loop around the loch, wellies are recommended.

oscaig (2).png

Culnacraig to Achduart - Approx 2 hour

Park at the bridge over the burn at the end of the road at Culnacraig. Follow the track for about half a mile and follow the footpath signs to Achduart. Cross the burn and follow the path to the West. When you reach Achduart, follow the path around the back of the houses until you meet the road.

cul to achd.png

Badenscallie beach to Acheninver beach - Approx 30 mins/1 hour loop

Start at Badenscallie beach and head left following the rocks along the shore. Climb slightly, over a small gate and follow the coast round until you come to Achininver beach. There is a path that leads from Achininver beach past the youth hostel and back to the single track road. Head left on the single track until you reach Badenscallie, turn left again, down the hill and back to Badenscallie beach. A lovely fresh walk to explore two great local beaches - better at low tide. 

badenscalie to achen.png

Reiff beach to Camas Eilean Ghlais - Approx 30 mins

One of our favourite beaches in the area. Wait for low tide to explore. Drive to Reiff and park the car wherever you can. Head over the mini bridge and follow the coast round for about 30 minutes until you see signs of a stunning sandy beach below in the distance. Follow around and down to the beach. Go a little further past the beach to see an old croft house.


Achlochan loop - Approx 1 hour

Just steps away from The Sleepy Crofter Glamping is the start of the Achlochan path that leads down to the shore. Turn left as you leave the croft and the path will be on the left hand side a few minutes walk away. Head towards the sea, follow the coastline around the peninsula leading to another path back up towards the road that runs through the village. Turn right and follow the road back to The Sleepy Crofter.

Achlochan coast route.jpg
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