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Achiltibuie Stores

01854 622496



The local shop with all your essentials: bread, milk, wine etc. Also has petrol and diesel. Shop hours change seasonally, generally open 9am - 5pm but later in the summer months. Local newspapers are only delivered here on weekdays after 10am. Closed Sundays. 

Port A Bhaigh Campsite shop

01854 622339


A small local shop around 5 miles from The Sleepy Crofter in Altandu just below AM Fuaran bar. Port A Bhaigh stocks all your local essentials and is open on Sundays. Usually open from 9am until 7pm in the summer.

FISK Gallery

01854 622302

Facebook @fiskgallery1


Head to FISK gallery to see high quality artworks made by hand from an array of local artists. From art prints and ceramic dishes to unique jewellery and wood carved bowls, FISK shows how the community are creatively inspired by the local area and beyond.


Post office

01854 622200


Small post office in Achiltibuie, selling local postcards, stamps etc. Open three days a week Tues, Wed and Thurs 9am - 12.30pm.

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