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We are Scotty, Tarnia and Sam the collie dog. 

Scotty was born and raised in Achiltibuie and will often be seen roaming the hills with a bunch of collie dogs around him. Tarnia is from Essex and ended up in the Highlands amongst other travels and can often be seen making silly paintings and staring at the sea! Sam is our three year old collie dog who is noisy and full of energy. He loves all the attention and also loves to be wrapped in a towel! We all love to hunt for pottery and sea glass on the local beaches. 

In 2020 we were kindly given a croft by Scotty's parents. The croft once belonged to Scotty's great uncle Kenny who passed away and left it to Scotty's mum and dad. The land is used for grazing sheep and has an old croft house on it, which once belonged to great uncle Kenny. 

With the new 2020 pandemic world of lockdowns and job changes we thought about how exciting it would be to transform the croft into a small glamping site.  With a love of travelling and exploring new places ourselves, we thought it would be lovely to encourage visitors to our local area and experience the beauty of this part of the UK which we get to see daily. And so our journey into researching, planning and building a glamping site begun!


We opened our doors and welcomed our first guests in March 2022. We had a great first season meeting lots of lovely guests and a whole bunch of cute dogs! This winter we are expanding and are soon expecting a third pod! We can't wait to start our second season in March 2023 and welcome even more people to Achiltibuie to explore and relax.


In the future we hope to renovate and restore the old croft house half way down the croft and be able to move in ourselves. This will be a labour of love and probably a long process but a lot of fun and learning along the way.

We also hope to expand the glamping site and build some more unusual and kooky lodgings for more guests to come and relax in - possibly shepherd huts and old train carriages!

We also plan to use the croft to grow our own vegetables and herbs and would love to one day place a small but sociable tea and cake hut in the mix somewhere. This may all be long into the future but everyone has to start somewhere and dream big! Follow us on instagram @sleepy_crofter for more regular updates. We can't wait to meet you!

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